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[This part of the project is still underway. Check back for more progress!]

Home Incubator

Fall 2017


3D Interaction Designer
Project RE_ is a large-scale architecture project that results with the building of several affordable homes in East Liberty—a low-income, mid-gentrification neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

I am working on this project throughout this whole semester, helping create a small incubator that educated future residents and neighbors of this process and how it relates to them.

Home Incubator—

A large part of the project is the development of the incubation center, which is a space that will be built prior to the homes. The purpose of this space is for neighbors and possible future homeowners to visit and acquire greater information about how the building process relates to them.

Storyboard drawn by Anna and me. This portrays certain interactions that might take place in the space.

My super-chill tangible house viewer in AR. This was made with Merge Cube, and it allows one to easily view the house from any angle.
Practically, this would have to be some sort of HMD AR experience.