Interactive Sketches
This is a collection of some digital sketches I’ve made. Some are interactive, but all of them are parametric and made with code. I think it’s important for designers to be able to think parametrically, and not just statically. They are also ways for me to become better at using javascript.

Sketch 1: Crammed Type

This is a piece of generative typography where the type adjusts to the window size. This is achieved by creating parametric letters that are dependent on variables like window width and height. Each letter is built to be stretchable in x and y directions!

If you want to play with window size, you can find a link here!

Sketch 2: Stretched Type

This is a sketch that allows the user to stretch their letters by holding them down. It affords for greater expression while typing in an otherwise static medium.
Start typing to begin.
‘1’ is save, ‘2’, is reset.

Sketch 3: Sphere Projection

This is a quick sketch that explores the 3D part of the P5.js library. It serves as a foundation for many other explorations down the line.

Sketch 4: Sinusoidal Tyography

This one’s pretty self-explanatory—it is a deformation based on a sin wave of any letter’s distance from the center.

Sketch 5: Moving Fields

A few simple sketches that draw interesting relationships between the cursor position and visual output qualities (scale, rotation, opacity, etc).

You can reset the sketch by clicking on it!
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