These projects are more exploratory in nature. They are to help me learn new skills and perhaps better understand some questions.

Anti-Drawing Machine

A playful robot built to challenge the way we think about robots and what qualities they embody. Featured by Arduino and Creative Applications.

Interactive Sketches

A collection of sketches programmed in P5.js and three.js for your enjoyment.

Spatiotemporal Pyrography

A new way of capturing and seeing 3D spaces through the lens and materiality of fire.

AR Face Filters

A regular exploration of face-anchored augmented reality through Facebook’s Spark AR platform.

Robotic Organism

An experiment in trying to attribute organic qualities to robots, and letting them be the subjects.

Robot Arm Videography

An exploration of how robots can be used to expand video production capabilities at a consumer level.

Low Res 3D Scanner

A physical computing project that attempts to create a low-cost 3D scanner for small artifacts.


A project exploring new kinds of physical interfaces and data visualizations.